Towards high-resolution digital stratigraphy

Large stratigraphic datasets have enormous explanatory potential, but difficulties in pooling and comparing these data across locations and workers and through time prevent their full observational power from being realized.

Work building a high-resolution database of Precambrian carbonate stratigraphy by Cantine, Bergmann and Knoll (forthcoming) highlights this potential and promotes a community movement towards reporting stratigraphic and sedimentological data in a format that facilitates the creation of large, multi-contributor datasets.

As other parts of the geosciences community move towards creating large, searchable archives of data (e.g., EarthChem, iSamples), the sedimentology and stratigraphy communities have an opportunity to establish a similar database.

A simple template, noting stratigraphic height, mineralogy, grain size, major components, and sedimentary structures, generated from stratigraphic columns, is posted here. We solicit contributions for the creation of a more complete high-resolution database effort of both carbonate and siliciclastic strata. Send your completed templates to for inclusion in the database.

Any future use of data that may come from community contributions will be acknowledged by citation of primary published literature.